• Ranked among America’s top places to live and is one of the Houston area’s best locations for business, find out why our citizens feel so lucky to call Friendswood home.

  • Smart and effective, Dr. Pat is already making Friendswood city government better. He is a distinguished public servant with a keen mind and the skills needed to keep our city on the right track.

  • Help Dr. Pat continue improving the lives of Friendswood’s families and expanding the horizons for business. Volunteer for the campaign if you can, but most importantly VOTE!

Friendswood City Council Dr. Pat & niece Elly

Friendswood City Council member Dr. Pat & niece Elly

A Friend, A Leader, Your City Council – Dr. Pat

Democracy depends on listening to the citizens and focusing on their concerns.  Our city runs best through cooperative problem solving inside government in a strong partnership with the community.  City council can only make the right decisions by remaining connected to the citizens, businesses and institutions of Friendswood.

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Re-Elect Dr. Pat McGinnis
for Friendswood City Council on May 11,
a proven leader & a caring neighbor


ELECTION DAY  May 11, 2013
EARLY VOTING  April 29 – May 11

Caring for the Future of Friendswood

Stevenson Park, Friendswood, TXWe are truly blessed to live in such a wonderful place as Friendswood with its small town spirit and big city resources.  Our city’s unique value can be preserved well into the future with proven leadership and level-headed intelligence.  Let us maintain a prosperous economy even in troubled financial times through community focus and trustworthy stewardship from city government.

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Opening the Way for a Healthy Economy

A healthy city begins with healthy local businesses.  Our tax base will continue to grow when we welcome business and clear the way for success.  Let us ensure an excellent economic climate by keeping taxes low while maintaining infrastructure and our city’s status as one of the nation’s most livable cities.

Tested Fiscal Discipline

Our community will stay strong through sober budgeting based in long-range vision.  We guarantee our city’s abundance when we practice financial restraint and smart planning.  Keeping taxes low and our government lean and agile depends on reining in spending and planning for the future.

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