Help Friendswood to be a City of the Citizens

& Get Involved Today

Enjoying Mary Queen Catholic Church Fish Fry

Enjoying Mary Queen Catholic Church Fish Fry

There a number of ways you can contribute to making our city even more than it is today.  Take action to stop runaway spending and preserve fiscally sound management of the public trust.  It’s not hard to make a difference and engage YOUR city council to focus on the citizens’ priorities.  Here are just a few ways you can make an impact:

  • VOTE!  Vote early from April 29th up to Voting Day on May 1th.
  • Urge City Council to bring an infrastructure and maintenance bond package to the citizens for a vote.
  • Help Dr. Pat:
    • Knock on doors
    • Make calls
    • Host a Meet and Greet
    • Request a Yard Sign
    • Spend time online

If you can’t help out in any other way, please vote.  Your voice is important and needs to be heard!

Find Voting Times & Location

Have Questions? Ask Dr. Pat HERE