Dr. Pat, visiting family in Kentucky.

Dr. Pat, visiting family in Kentucky.

A Record of Results with Long-sighted Vision

Dr. Pat has held to fiscally conservative discipline by holding the line on the city budget. He has increased government transparency and let the citizens’ concerns decide his priorities. Solution-oriented, he works to drive the Council to be more productive and cooperative.

With his eyes always on Friendswood’s future, he will continue to rein in spending and focus the city’s resources on expanding the tax base with quality development. He will continue to cultivate our robust business climate and expand recreational opportunities and facilities for our families. He will further the gains we have made in governmental transparency and bring more citizen involvement into decision making.

He will continue to bring an attitude of service and principles of integrity to his office.

I pledge to bring trust, confidence and community focus back to our city government.


> Continued conservative fiscal policy

Friendswood has, in fact, received awards over several years for sound financial management.  Dr. Pat will continue to promote a fiscal conservative approach with every annual budget, to ensure Friendwood citizens do get the best value for each tax dollar.

> Expansion of recreational opportunities and facilities for our families

This is a common concern of our citizens, and important to fulfill, in light of our budgetary constraints and priorities.

> Expand our tax base with quality development and continue our healthy business climate

As Friendswood grows into a prosperous future, Dr. Pat knows that a successful business community is best able to partner with and to serve our citizens.

> Continued governmental transparency

Our Founding Fathers intended that political powers be tempered by checks and balances, including an informed citizenry.  The laws of the State of Texas, from the Open Meetings Act to the Friendswood Charter confirm  that.  Dr. Pat knows who he ultimately reports to — the citizens of Friendswood.

> Let Democracy work! Bring an infrastructure and maintenance bond package to Friendswood citizens for their vote

The citizens advisory group is now studying the  infrastructure needs of Friendswood, and the potential public investment required.  This important work allows more citizens to have a voice in how Friendswood will look in 10-15 years.  Dr. Pat looks forward to hearing their recommendations for Council.

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